About Me

Robb Edwards

Principal, Marketing

Robb began his insurance career in 1972 as a college intern with an advertising and public relations agency that served nearly 40 life insurance companies across the country. He was quickly promoted to assistant art director and gained valuable insight to the development of brokerage distribution, which was just starting to gain momentum in the marketplace. He then served as director of field communications with a major insurance company which was a pioneer in impaired-risk underwriting, prior to moving to Kansas City to join an insurance publications firm, where he eventually became the associate publisher of Broker World magazine.

After years of watching and covering the development of the brokerage distribution model, he joined a small annuity marketing organization that grew to national prominence. A believer in the importance of true brokerage being 100% independent to serve the agent and their client’s best interest, he joined Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing in 2010.